PCI or USB video card with Pixel shader 3

Adrian Dobrota
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As title says, I will award the points to the first one who can recommend me 3 models of cheap PCI (NOT PCIe) or USB video cards that:
- supports pixel shader 3
- if it's PCI , then it needs to be low profile with no cooler (just heat sink)

I wanna put them to use on some old 1U servers, and pixel shader 3 is a must. Just PCI slot available and very little spare space.
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You won't find even an AGP gfx card with shader 3, PCI videocards are not being manufactured since years ago at all.
i was wrong there some PCI cards left out there

See if you can find Nvidia Geforce 9300GS PCI (Shader model 4, DX10) , guess there might few left in stock somewhere.

Networking Engineer
thank you for your answer asavah, however that model provided by you is with cooler which doesn't fit inside the case where it's supposed to.

here's one example, I found it myself and hopefully I'll be able to purchase it:

Adrian DobrotaNetworking Engineer



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