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Duplicate web site

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I had someone write a web site for me.  He used Visual Studio.  I have made changes to it, like adding new fields, with no problem.  I am not a .net programmer.  I just hack my way around.

I would now like to duplicate the site into another site and then modify the new site for the function it will do.

Go to http://www.ibmjunkman.com and click on one of the images.  The resulting site is what I want to duplicate.

Can this duplication be done in VS?  If so, how?

I know my approach would be wrong but it would eventually work.  I would copy the site folder to a new name then use a text editor and go through the files changing names, etc. Then I would open it in VS and look for errors.
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Michael CarrilloInformation Systems Manager
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You could do it the way you stated.  But you have forms that are writing to a database.  You would also need to duplicate the database that collects the information.  I would start by duplicating the database and directory structure.  Get your foundation duplicated and working.  

Now, a more important question is why are you duplicating your site?  If you are duplicating your site to a new domain, how are you intending to redirect your traffic from the current site to your new location? Or are you just wanting to redevelop your site. In which case, you should not be copying your current site.
No DB updates are done by the site.  All data is actually in an Access DB that I have already modified for the 5 categories that I need.  I export the data from the Access table and do a CSV import while logged into the web site admin page.

Maybe I should use the term subsite.  The site is www.ibmjunkman.com.  The default page there redirects to the IBMJunkmanPortal subsite.  From there you open other subsites.

Right now the only subsite it directs to is punchcards.  The next category, for example Docs, will look and feel the same but will display slightly different data.  Stored in a different table in the same database as the punch cards.

Right now the punch card site is www.ibmjunkman.com/punchcards  The Docs site would be www.ibmjunkman.com/docs

I am just trying to figure out how to copy punchcards as docs and then tweak it for the docs data.


My original approach seems to be the way to do it.