Which pre-paid phone should i buy that will work in Amsterdam?

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I am a verizon costomer and i found out in order to use my phone in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Holland, i will need to add a 4.99 global minute plan to my current minute plan, and $125.00 global data plan with a 300MB cap, in addition to my current unlimited data plan.

This means i would need to add $ 135 to my current 90$ a month plan to use my phone overseas for a week!

Can anyone recommend a Pre-Paid phone i can use over there that i can buy online before i go.

In addition, my plan is to use my current phone in airplane mode to take pictures and video and play games and the pre-paid for phone or text.

Is this a good idea to save money? Which pre-paid phone should i get that will work where im going?
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You could just pick up a pre-paid SIM at Schipol or when you reach Amsterdam Centraal Station. They are sold over the counter or in coin/CC operated dispensers on the station walls.
Best rates: http://prepaidwithdata.wikia.com/wiki/The_Netherlands
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^^ that will work as long as your phone is not sim locked with your cellular carrier. To check: if you can put a sim from another carrier in your phone and it works fully you're ok. If not you may be better to buy a whole prepay phone bundle when you get there. (remembering to check that it too is not sim locked)


I have verizon so there is no sim card slot
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In which case you will need to buy a new phone. Simply, the sim card in the phone is what allows the carrier to provide services, and swapping sim card swaps carriers. If your phone has no sim, then it can only talk to your carrier, and there is no way around paying what they will charge you.
If you decide to go phone shopping, look for a quad band smart phone, as it will cover all the frequencies the cellular carriers typically use worldwide and give you access to useful apps.
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Use Skype from your phone when you have WIFI connection available if you're only planning to use it for international phone calls.

But if you would like to use it on the go, then you should get a cheap phone! I personally get the pay as you go contract and just use my phone to receive calls and buy 3G packet to use Skype for international calls!

I also use Google maps to navigate and go to places :D This way you save both money and time.
How long will you be there?
Have you looked into Net2Phone?

Internet based phone calls, at less than 5 cents a minute.
I use it when I travel to Asia, to call USA.

And that is with an antique Compaq laptop, with Windows 98, and the last time I used it was in 2001. If it worked great then, it should work very good now.

Therefore, Net2Phone should be a very superior technology now, as compared to back then.

When my hotel had intermittant internet service, I did have to use a pay phone, or a phone card. That can get expensive.

If you plan to be in Europe for less than a month, I know the extra $135.00 seems expensive, but it is about $4.00 per day and it might be worth it, as far as cost.

I can highly recommend Net2Phone for calls made using your laptop.


this ended up being what i did.

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