Folder Redirection Redirecting to Local Machine, Not Server

Alan Bryant
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So I have folder redirection setup in GPO. It had been working great for a few days, then all of a sudden, it has decided, with my user, to try and redirect the folders to a share on the local machine as opposed to the server share that I put in the GPO. I have verified that the correct path is still listed in the Folder Redirection settings in the GPO.

The odd thing, is that it works on two machines. One of them is the server that the share is on, so obviously it would work there, the other is my main workstation.

It does not work properly on my laptop or on any other server, with one exception, the Application Data folder. That folder is redirected correctly on all machines, and shows in gpresult /v.

On my primary workstation, they all show up in gpresult /v.

What options do I have to fix this?
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Well, I found a workaround here. Guess I have to do this on every machine that is having the issue?

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