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I have a question about VSS.  I am having a discussion with another developer.  I created two code sets:  Dev and Prod.  I put both in VSS.  He wants just one copy of code put in VSS and states that with versioning you can differentiate between the two.  He is trying to make it sound that VSS will have 2 diff versions and you won't have to rollback or get a previous version for each project.

Is it possible with versioning to have 2 diff code sets that are INDEPENDENT of each other?

If so, how?
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Brook BraswellApplication Development Manager
I know it can be done but would take EXTREME caution here as vss has been known to not totally protect your code.  There are times when you have a module / form checked out and yet other users can make changes to it and either loose their changes or overwrite yours.  First step would be to ensure the two versions are in Separate folders.  Set the Project VERSION different for each folder.

Project/Properties/<Make>/Change the Major to a higher number for your Beta copy
"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic Advisor
Top Expert 2015
You can pin a specific version of each file, but you need to remove that pin and repin to get another version. You cannot develop based on that version, only use it, in the "copy" branch.
The original file can be changed, of course.