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I have some code base that is in a subversion repository.  I am currently on version 4.

I was trying to remove a couple of files, but was in the wrong directory.

I typed svn rm *.  'oops'  About 25 files are marked 'D' for delete.   I have not done a check-in and I'm trying to undo this mistake.

Now I want to undo that pending delete.

How do I undelete all those files?

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You could do a svn revert if you didn't make any changes.
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Remove those files from your working folder and do an svn update on that folder.

When you are unsure, checkout that folder on another location as well before you do the update :)


I know the files existed in a usable format on revision 3.  Here is what I have tried:

  me@ubuntu:~/project$ svn update -r 3 index.html
  At revision 3.
  me@ubuntu:~/project$ ls
  bin  images  include   scripts

But there's no index.html

If I do a `svn status`  my list of files are all marked 'D' and index.html is still there.



Blew the whole project away and replaced it with a svn co http://project_url

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