My www searches are getting redirected to different sites

fcek used Ask the Experts™
I had a bug called Smart Hard drive - Rogue anti virus.

Ive ran Malware Bytes + super anti spy.

Ive ran as well.

All appears normal on boot, but search results are highly suspect.

Im lost on what to do now.  

Win xp.
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Have you checked your hosts file?


Hi, I checked the hosts and all looks ok.

That TDSSKiller ap appears to be biz.  Works very fast as well.


It even picked up a boot sector virus and emoved it on reboot.



Ho wto remove this bug. Tried and tested.

Run in this order ........

Avg boot disk - update - run - remove bugs - reboot.
F8/safe mode
Run Anti-rootkit utility TDSSKiller
ccleaner to remove temp files (makes scans quicker)
Malware bytes
Then "unhide app"

Job done.
Running anything in safe mode these days is fairly dangerous - anti malware apps are programmed to run in normal mode unless absolutely necessary.  This is because in safe mode all windows protections are not on and you could end up deleting system files.


The virus appeared to be gone - rebooted twice.  Ran a few aps.  All fine.

User called me back to say its back 24 hours later!

Where is SMART comming from?
Do you have an official formal name for the virus as identified by a given antivirus software?
Then you can look it up on their site to see how it spreads.

Perhaps it spreads via USB Memory Sticks
or SMB fileshares
or perhaps they're visiting compromised websites
or perhaps they're downloading infected files

Might be worth checking the user's browsing history.
Can you upload an infected file to  VT will check it against 42 engines.


Hi TDSSKiller is veryu good.

The end user was opening an email form a college and reinfecting the PC after I had cleaned it off.

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