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I would like to add couple of dynamic variables to the connection strings. But when I try to use System.configuration to add these variables, I am getting below error and can someone help on resolving this issue or suggesting a work around.

	public ConnectionStringSettings GetConnectionStringSettings(string name)

            ConnectionStringSettings connectionStringSettings;
            ConnectionStringSettings connectionStringSettings1;
            ConnectionStringSettings connectionStringSettings2;

            ConfigurationSection configSection = configurationSource.GetSection("connectionStrings");
            if ((configSection != null) && (configSection is ConnectionStringsSection))
                ConnectionStringsSection connectionStringsSection = configSection as ConnectionStringsSection;         
                connectionStringSettings1 = connectionStringsSection.ConnectionStrings[name];

             connectionStringSettings2 = connectionStringSettings1.ConnectionString.Insert(0, Resources.CurrentClient_ApplName + GetClientApplicationName + ";"); 
              connectionStringSettings = connectionStringSettings2.ConnectionString.Insert(0, Resources.CurrentClient_UserID + GetClientUserID + ";");
                connectionStringSettings = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings[name];
			ValidateConnectionStringSettings(name, connectionStringSettings);
			return connectionStringSettings;

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Error: Cannot implicitly convert type 'string' to 'System.Configuration.ConnectionStringSettings' on lines 15 & 16 above.

Connection string Example:
Before adding variables:

After adding variables:
"Currentapplicationname=web;currentclientid=client1; Database=xyz,CurrentSchema=abc;UserID=inside;pwd=password"

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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                var configuration = ConfigurationManager.OpenExeConfiguration(ConfigurationUserLevel.None);
                var connSetting = configuration.ConnectionStrings.ConnectionStrings["connTest"];

                connSetting.ConnectionString = "myKey:key;" + connSetting.ConnectionString;


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Another approach to building a dynamic connection string, is to use a connection string builder.

SqlConnectionStringBuilder Class

using System.Data;
using System.Data.SqlClient;

class Program
    static void Main()
        // Create a new SqlConnectionStringBuilder and
        // initialize it with a few name/value pairs.
        SqlConnectionStringBuilder builder =
            new SqlConnectionStringBuilder(GetConnectionString());

        // The input connection string used the 
        // Server key, but the new connection string uses
        // the well-known Data Source key instead.

        // Pass the SqlConnectionStringBuilder an existing 
        // connection string, and you can retrieve and
        // modify any of the elements.
        builder.ConnectionString = "server=(local);user id=ab;" +
            "password= a!Pass113;initial catalog=AdventureWorks";

        // Now that the connection string has been parsed,
        // you can work with individual items.
        builder.Password = "new@1Password";
        builder.AsynchronousProcessing = true;

        // You can refer to connection keys using strings, 
        // as well. When you use this technique (the default
        // Item property in Visual Basic, or the indexer in C#),
        // you can specify any synonym for the connection string key
        // name.
        builder["Server"] = ".";
        builder["Connect Timeout"] = 1000;
        builder["Trusted_Connection"] = true;

        Console.WriteLine("Press Enter to finish.");

    private static string GetConnectionString()
        // To avoid storing the connection string in your code,
        // you can retrieve it from a configuration file. 
        return "Server=(local);Integrated Security=SSPI;" +
            "Initial Catalog=AdventureWorks";

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Thank you.

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