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I am scanning white paper forms to JPEG and I want the background of the white paper to look gray like the attached file example. It makes for better contrast when viewing the signature. I don't know what settings I can change on the standalone high volume scanner/printer/copier I am using.
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Hmmm.  This is the first request I have seen where someone actually wants a grey background.  Most people, and indeed the scanner and software, strive to create as clean and white a background as is possible, relative the type of medium being scanned.  They usually calibrate themselves to achieve this goal.

Without knowing the make and model number of your scanner/printer it's impossible to know what settings you have that might allow you to do something like override the calibration without affecting the quality of the text.

If you could let us know the make and model number of your all-in-one device we might be able to make some suggestions, but perhaps in the meantime you might experiment with calibration settings and see what results you get.


Konica Minolta C353 Bizhub
I looked at the user guide (which didn't go into detail about darkening a scan, as far as I could tell).  But can you use the darken/lighten settings like you do when you make a copy?

Darkening the scan slightly would make the background grayer.  I know this is kind of a lame solution but unless you can find some scanning settings to adjust the contrast (lower the contrast) I don't know what the device is capable of.


Here is the biz hub user guide that I found online.

Maybe you need to recalibrate your monitor colours to this printer?
Or change the colour profile
Or update the colour profile?
The ICC file type is primarily associated with 'ICC Profile Format File'.
ICC stands for International Color Consortium. An ICC file is a color template of sorts.
It relays information between design software (Photoshop, etc.), scanners, and printers so that what you scan, see on your screen, and output through your printer all look the same.
ICC Specifications and downloads

Looking at your manual scroll down to>> Appendix and expand it>

ICC Profile for TOYO INK Standard Color on Coated paper (TOYO
Offset Coated 2.0)
This ICC Profile (TOYO Offset Coated 2.0) characterizes Japanese offset press on Coated paper and is fully compatible with ICC profile format.
1. The reproduction of images on a printer or a monitor using this ICC Profile do not completely match the TOYO INK Standard Color on Coated paper.

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