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Laptop. Win7 64-bit, 32GB RAM with 1.5x virtual mem file. OS patches up to date:
When the computer is left idle for an extended period, it seems to get stuck in a semi-awake state where the latency is so bad, it becomes almost unresponsive.
1. A reboot will not fix. The computer must be shut down for at least 30 seconds.
2. This occurs whether hibernation is enabled or disabled. (currently disabled)
3. This occurs regardless of the application open at the time - even if none are open.
4. Closing all active applications does not fix.
5. During this state, the fan is on high.
6. Began occuring over the last 4 weeks with no apparent changes in environment, but could have been an update??
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I would guess virus or processor is overheating (or RAM). That's an awful lot of power for a confined space, and just because you can cram it all in doesn't mean more==better.

With so much RAM, why use a virtual paging file? DISK io is YYYx slower than RAM are you really using so much RAM that 32gb isn't enough?
As a troubleshooting step I would remove, say, half the RAM and see if the problem changes.


I misspoke. I have 16GB RAM. Not that it makes a difference - I have more than enough and have never come close to maxing it.

I moved from a system manage virtual disk file to the recommended 1.5x as a possible solution to the issue. Also, that RAM has been in place for 18 months with no similar effect. To test the temperature theory, since this was a suspicion of mine as well, I rebooted a mere 30 seconds after shutdown and the issue disappears, only to reappear after extended idle. To me, this discounts the idea of temperature as a cause.

I have to "guess" this is related to power settings - specifically how windows handles extended idle. No behavior that I have observed indicates otherwise - so far.

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A while back I had a user whose personal notebook was acting similar to what you're describing.  It turned out to be the hard drive.  After a period of inactivity the notebook would become very sluggish, yet no outright errors were logged that I could find.  I suspected the pagefile or hyberfile resided on a bad sector or something.  Anyway, replaced the drive and problem solved.  Just an idea.


Interesting thought. I'll test that by moving the file to a different partition.


Moving the page file didn't make a difference. I'm going to load a temperature widget to see if there's anything to the heat question. I think this is chasing a dead end though - I've been running all day with no issues. If I walk away for 30 minutes though - that's when this occurs. Nothing appears in any of the logs that would indicate the source.
Problem solved. I had not noticed that an application that I purchased from Xilisoft had placed a new Power Plan in my Power Options list, and then activated it over the plan I had configured. I have never heard of an application doing this, so it didn't occur to me to check.
I selected a different Power Plan and configured it as needed and this issue no longer occurs.


It solved the issue and there was nothing on the web that lead me to its finding.

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