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Javascript to open url from text box

leezac used Ask the Experts™
I have this code so far and am needing help with how to open a website doing and Http call using Javascript.

The user will be entering the URL into the input text box and then click the "Go" button to open the Url and I need help how to code that function.

thanks in advance.

<script type="text/javascript"
function readValue();

<table width="900" border="0">
<td colspan="5" style="background-color:#FFA500;">

<h1><INPUT TYPE="type" NAME="name" size="60"
size="size"maxlength="maxlength"><button onclick="go()">Go</button> </h1>
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<INPUT id="url" TYPE="type" NAME="name" size="60"
size="size"maxlength="maxlength" />
<button onclick="document.location=document.getElementById('url').value">Go</button>


Thank you, I am working on this piece by piece.  Is there a reference you can point me to to now be able to copy values from the url I entered into my web page (to see the values). I have been looking at iframe, DOM and screen scraping and need some help.

Thank you
Please accept my answer as the correct solution and then make a new question with a detailed description of what you need now. :)

Most likely you could use ajax, and I can help you there, but please accept my answer then make a new question.

Best regards :)