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HP Data Protector A.06.11

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Hi there,

Need assistance in resolving this backup errors am getting on one of my cell managers resulting in jobs failing. The error messages are;

[Critical] From: UMA@bfppp01.corp.oktedi.internal "MSL04_PP"  Time: 4/18/2012 7:00:08 PM
[90:1004]       Device address not found.

[Critical] From: UMA@bfppp01.corp.oktedi.internal "MSL04_PP"  Time: 4/18/2012 7:00:08 PM
[90:59]        Changer0:0:4:1
      Cannot open exchanger control device (Device type mismatch)

[Critical] From: BSM@bfppp01.corp.oktedi.internal "pp_all_servers_to_bfppp01_daily"  Time: 4/18/2012 7:00:44 PM
      None of the Disk Agents completed successfully.
      Session has failed.

This has been occuring for the past two days so am really desparate to get the backup up and running again.

We are using version A.06.11 of HP Data Protector software for backing up our servers.

Many thanks for your time and awaiting your assistance.

Kind Regards
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Somehow Data Protector is not seeing the tape drive or library.
I'm assuming Windows, but you didn't list your Cell Manager OS, so I'm guessing.
Also -- which tape library and drive type?
Is tape drive and library firmware up to date?
Has anything changed in your environment (new version of DP or patches
applied; new OS patches; other HW changes)?

Which order to try these suggestions depends a lot on how many active
jobs you have and how much you can afford to have backup processes
disrupted.  I can't help much there, but here are the questions I would
ask and the steps I would take:

1) Do you have other jobs that use this library?   Are they still working?
2) Do you have other jobs that use this tape drive?   Are they still working?

3) Check all physical connections.  (How is the library connected to the server?)

If Data Protector can see the library but not the drive,
4a) Run manufacturer diagnostics on the library and attempt them on the drive
4b) Power down the library, remove the drive, re-insert the drive, power up,
discover in Windows.

5) Disable the library in Windows device manager and re-enable

6) In Data Protector, delete the drive or library from Data Protector devices,
and rediscover.   If you delete the drive, you'll need to go back and 'fix' all
backup jobs that pointed to that drive so they point to the newly discovered drive.
If you delete the library, you'll have to 'fix' all the backup jobs that used a drive
in that library, so make sure you understand your configuration and backup job
setup before doing this.