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came in this morning and found my XP Pro machine will not power up. When I press the button on the front to boot, nada.  No lights, no sound, no nothing. It is plugged in, tried a different cord from another computer. What do I check? I have never had one simply do nothing. Maybe the powersupply just died, but, never had one do that, so not sure how to trouble shoot this.
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Sounds like the power supply. You'll have to try swapping your power supply with a known working computer.
Does the light on the NIC card in the back of the computer turn green when you plug in the computer?

If not, then most likely the PSU is dead, go buy another one.

Before you do, make sure that there isn't a switch on the back of the computer that should be toggled, like an I O switch or a voltage toggle.
You could also try using another outlet.
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Sounds like the power supply to me. Do you have lights on the back of the power supply unit?
One time I had a computer and it was plugged into a wall outlet that was on a light switch... if it is make sure the light switch is on.

Also if your power supply has an on/off button in the back make sure that is on.

Might want to make sure the voltage is also set right. If you live in a 220 area make sure the red switch is on 220 if you in the states then it's 110 or 115.
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Can you post brand and type of computer?

If you have a PSU tester I would plug that in and test the PSU. Also inspect the MOBO for any blown or swollen CAPS.


Odd, the UPS had turned itself off. Computer booted fine when I plugged into another UPS.

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