Speed up Windows access to home directories on Linux servers

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We have network storage for home directories on Linux. Access is very fast for Linux users and they can use this area for building software.
Windows users want to be able to build software from the same area.  We can access the same storage from Windows, but it is *very* slow.   By slow, I mean about 100 times slower. For Windows, we have to copy the data to a local drive to build instead of being able to build software inside in the same area that Linux users use.

What could be causing the slowness and how do we speed up Windows access to the Linux home directories.?
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Just a shot in the dark, but maybe the AV software on the Windoze PC's is slowing down things?
I can probably put you in the right direction, yet I do NOT know the exact solution. We had a similar problem with Windows XP and Novell Netware. It was discoverd that when accessing a Netware volume, response was very bad. In fact, users reported that the old Win 98 machines were mucht faster than the new XP machines.

It turned oud that it had something to do with network provider order. Windows noticed you accessed a network share and assumed it was Windows, and tried to access al his known Windows server (as in other workstations with administrative shares) when the file could not be opened, XP would  use the Netware redirector to see if the file was on a netware volume. We are talking big differences in access time, really slow.

There are some good articles about this, even on MS support site. Check for "Netware redirector XP", and although MS claims it was first corrected in NT4, XP still experienced the problem ;-)

I assume the user dir is a samba share, i suppose there must be something similar for that.

Hope this helps,



I don't have access to the network side so I am unable to troubleshoot.  I will split the points to all that have answered.  Thanks.

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