"Unable to Download Application" error on iPad2

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We have an iPad here that the owner has tried installing updates to existing applications, but the updates don't install, and if you click on the application you get:

Unable to Download Application
"App name" could not be downloaded at this time
Done Retry

Happens for all 3 updates that are waiting to install, whether you do them individually or all-together.

I have shut it down and restarted.  Still does the same.

I did google the issue, and have tried looking in iTunes for any downloads waiting - there are none - all are downloaded.  And I have turned on all cookies in Safari

This ipad is also subject to an ActiveSync policy in Exchange 2010.  I have this morning ticked some of the settings on it to fix it, but if they are the right ones, they haven't taken effect yet:
- Allow unsigned applications
- Allow unsigned installation packages
I restarted the iPad but the apps still wouldn't update afterwards.  

Am able to get into iTunes, so it looks like the username/pwd combo is correct.

I'm not sure when the issue started, but the user said he couldn't get it to work at home last night on his wifi.  I have since put it into aiplane mode with wifi turned on on our work connection, but that hasn't made a difference either.  User has just returned from overseas.

Help greatly appreciated!
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Systems Engineer
What happens when you uninstall the app?  What version of iOS do they have installed?


iOS 5.1
If I uninstall and install again it of course installs the latest version - have done that for 1 of the 3 apps needing updated, but that won't fix the problem of updates not installing will it?

Just masks the problem for now.


Haven't heard any further issues with updating back from the user so am assuming that this did the trick.  Perhaps a corrupt update?

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