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Currently i have a server that is available via remote desktop by NATing an external ip to and internal ip on RDP port.  I want to kill this connection and use something more secure like setting up a vpn server.  I am able to setup PPTP but i want to take it a step further as i've read pptp is not very secure.  Do any of you have suggestions?  I am trying to figure out openvpn and L2TP but so far i've had no luck.
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How large is the business office behind the VPN?
From my point of view for small business clients, hardware VPN boxes (Juniper Netscreen or Cisco Linjsys) work great and are inexpensive. Client apps are readily available and they support site to site as well.
I just realized that after upgrading the firmware and renewing our securityr subscription on our watchguard firebox i now have licenses for 25 sslvpn users.  I have this setup and working right now.  6 months ago I would of had to pay for the vpn user licenses.  Problem solved.  Thanks for the


Watchguard device has licenses for vpn ssl users

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