Starting RMAN backup from PL/SQL

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I would like to be able to start an RMAN backup from within PL/SQL.  My understanding is the DBMS_PIPE package can be used to do this.  I have not found a clear example to do this on the internet.

I'm interested in any DBMS_PIPE examples or other methods to accomplish an RMAN backup from within PL/SQL.
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Thank you tangchunfeng.

I've looked through the package which will require more research on my part to understand how to do the backup I require.  

Have you actually used the package and do you know if it can do the equivalent of the following RMAN command?

         backup tablespace MY_TABLESPACE tag='BACKUP1';

it's a hidden package , not included in official document

I find some example of restore

Try this package, its exactly doing this.
here a short description about the package

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