Introducing a win2008 server into win2003 AD network

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We have a 2003 server "FS1" in place as a fileserver, domain controller, and dns. This was the first DC in our AD and have since added another 3 servers, an exchange, and couple other machines running sql and .net apps, given DC role as well.

We intend to replace FS1 with a Win2008 R2 machine and eventually down FS1. I want to also give the 2008 the role as a 2ndary DNS, when we down FS1 we'll key in the new DNS to all the clients, about 60.

Will the 2008 server participate/co-AD manage well with the 2003 servers? we have group policy scripts to contend with as well.

i admit that i don't have a lab setting to try this out first, getting a win7 client to see the internet even though you manually plug in the gateway and dns entries is hard enough!
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Best to follow the following directions

Adding the new server in wont be an issue, first thing you will need to do is a schema update though

GPO's will all work with 2k8 as they did with 2k3 though you will get lots more options for configuring windows 7 machines

Are you running DHCP on your DC? if so updating DNS on all your workstations is very straight forward


thank you, was looking for this reference, most articles i was pulling up was assuming i would migrate all the 2003 AD's into 2008, we want to just transition one of them.

i did discover we have (1) 2000 server and we're running in mixed 2000/2003 mode because of this box. will move this application into a 2003 machine and then change AD mode into 2003.

we only run dhcp for a few weeks when we have visitors then stop the service for most of the year.


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