Proper method of creating distribution lists in SBS 2011 with Exchange 2010

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What's the proper, best-practices method for creating distribution lists in SBS 2011?  I have created all of my domain users using the SBS wizards as I know that's the no-brainer way to go.  However, external contacts and distribution lists (some using external contacts, some not) have me a bit perplexed.

Using the SBS wizard to add a distro group has no method that I can see to add external contacts so that's kind of a non-starter.  

I can easily do everything I want using the Exchange 2010 Management Console but I fear later repercussions for breaking the cardinal SBS rule of "Always use the wizards!!"

Can I safely use the Exchange Management Console to create all of my distribution lists and external contacts?
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Correct, there is no SBS wizard to do so, you would create Distribution groups and contacts within the Exchange management console, where there is a wizard of sorts; "New Distribution Group".
I have used the EMC for several SBS 2011 implementations and have not had any repercussions in the SBS console. I think the "Always use Wizards" mantra is true for basic tasks such as adding users and computers.

Good luck!



Thank you gentlemen for the piece of mind.

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