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there is a domain that's only feature is receiving some emails from old business.. (only one email account in use) there is no website for it..

it will soon be time to renew the registration of the website..

what would you recommend as the cheapest option to renew it. the company is willing to renew it for many years.. but because it is only for the email account in usage, the most basic package is enough..

right now with godaddy.

there is a possibility that in 3 years this aspect of the business may be resurrected.. hence the company wants to maintain the domain.. but depending on the business course, it may be abandoned also in 3 years.. either may happen.. regardless, now they just need it renewed with low priority..
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The simplest thing is to just renew with Godaddy.  That way nothing new has to be set up or transferred.  This is especially true if they are using Godaddy Web Mail and all their email is on Godaddy servers.  Today you can renew a '.com' domain for $36 for 3 years.  The time it takes to move it and set it up again would cost more than that if I did it plus they would still have to pay for a new registration somewhere.
Aaron TomoskyDirector of Solutions Consulting
You don't need any hosting at all, just the domain and mx record (unless you use the go daddy email). If you have another email server somewhere you can put it in the mx record.
If you are paying for the GoDaddy Web Mail you could also redirect your MX records to Google and use their Google Apps for free email hosting
Renew with GoDaddy and use the coupon code "cjc795dom". It will cost u $8.49/yr.

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