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I have Outlook 2007 at work (server). I make appointments for someone else in the office. He wants me to use the appointment setting that automatically sends an notice to him.  If he changes the time or date of the appointment, I understand it automatically updates on my calendar? Does this require special permissions? What are the downsides to this? Thank you,
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This is a part of built in functionality in OUtlook called Delegate Access

You can add anyone as a Delegate.

You can give them access to receive copies of meeting related messgaes sent to you.
You can give them permissions to View, Add, or Edit the Appointments for you.

Theres no realy downside to it, if you need someone to manage your calendar for you.

ONly potential issue I could imagine is if there are any Personal Meetings or appointments, that you may get invited to, the Delegate can see them.

The way around this is, to make sure the person sending the invitation, or If your Creating Appointments, make sure you mark them as PRIVATE

And make sure your delegates do not have the, Allow Delegate to View Private Items Checked
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Looking back at the title "Calendar Appointments Automatically Accepted"

Automatics Accepting of Appointments  

As above you can allow your delegates to do this for you.

You could also setup ther resource Scheduling in Tools>Options>Calendar Options

Automatically accept meeting requests and decline conflicting appointments


thank you for your response! z

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