wsus sp3 on windows server 2008 r2

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I have setup WSUS on Windows 2008 R2 and organized my directory objects and users like this:

My company (OU)
 -accounting (sub OU's)
 -User Computers
 -Disabled users

If i apply the WSUS policy to "My Company", Will that automatically apply it to all computers in "User computers"?  Because it's all under the main OU?

I left my servers out of this OU because I don't want to deploy WSUS to servers.  I left them in the default "computers" group.

Am I on the right path?
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As long as inheritance isn't blocked, it will be inherited by "User Computers" OU.(and all other OUs).


How do I check for that
Some polices do not apply to default Computers class container. If you want to play it safe move the servers to another OU and block inheritance.
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To apply a block, you can right click on an OU within GPMC and select your setting.
Open the Group Policy Management MMC under Windows 2008 R2. Navigate to the OU in the left pane.  Right-click on the OU and verify if "Block Inheritance" is checked (if not, then not blocking).  Also, select the "Group Policy Inheritance" in the tab on the right pane.


can the DC in the "domain controllers" OU be moved without creating any problems?
Microsoft does not support moving the DCs outside of their default location.

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