How to display multi page PDF file ( stored in the sql server database as binay data ) in SSRS 2008 report?

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I have table called Document, it has documentId, interger and DocumentImage, varbinary(max) columns in sql server 2005 database.
documentImage column has PDF file content as binary data.

how do i display this pdf file on SSRS 2008 r2 report?
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First you will need a system to translate the BLOB data back into a pdf.
See here:
The kicker here is if SSRS can "Display" PDF's directly...
You may have to save this to a temp file and display that in your report.

If SSRS can't display the PDF you may need a control that can...

In MS Access for example, you can use the webbrowser control to display the PDF *On a form* (not a report)
Not sure if SSRS can display a PDF in a web browser control...?
Harish VargheseProject Leader
Couple of options to show PDF from report:

This link explains how you can include a link that will open the PDF file in separate window.

See Bipin.P's post describing the link option.

This link explains how you can convert PDF into image and show on the report.

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