Store sent items sent from 2nd mailbox in 2nd mailbox sent items folder. Outlook 2007 & 2010.

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I have already posted a comment about this, but the solution I approved didnt end up working.

I have 2 exchange accounts added to my outlook client (in Outlook 2007 & 2010). One is my Primary mailbox and the 2nd is a department shared mailbox.

If I send out emails from the 2nd mailbox, the items save in my primary mailbox sent items.

How do I make them save in the 2nd mailbox sent items? is this possible? if not, is there a 3rd party tool to make this work?
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This is the designed behvior in Outlook 2007
It can only handle 1 Mailbox (Exchange or POP) as the default mailbox

If using both an Exchange Mailbox and an POP Mailbox, the Exchage is alwasy going to be the default.

If using Exchange Mailbox in 2007 and have an additional excahnge mailbox added, the main mailbox will always be the default, having its sent items saved in the main mailbox

You cannot change this behavior in OUtlook 2007 or earlier.

What you can do is, Upgrade your Office Suite to 2010.
Or remove the Additional Mailbox in 2010, and add it as a seperate Exchange Account

As Outlook 2010 now allows for multiple fully functioning Mailboxes

Once upgraded to 2010, dont add the mailbox as an additional mailbox

Close Outlook, go to Control Panel, Mail
Open Mail Accounts
You will see your inital Exchange Mailbox,
Now choose NEW, Email Account, Manually Configure, Exchange Account

Now setup the account as you would any normal exchange account

Once done, open outlook
You will see the two account on the left just as above

However, they will both be fully functioning exchange accounts with their Sent items going into the appropriate sent items


Thanks for that.

We wont be able to upgrade all of our users to 2010 at this stage.

We do have a few that are currently using 2010 though.

So, to allow permissions to another mailbox, I need to add the user into the full access & Send as permission list of the 2nd mailbox that I want to add.

This then makes the mailbox appear automatically when the user next opens outlook.
How do I grant permission to the mailbox and make it not map to the user during logon so I can add like you have suggested above?

I have tried adding as you have suggested. The mailbox is visable, but sent items still appear in the primary mailbox.
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Adding the Mailbox as above, will only work for Outlook 2010

It will not work for the Outlook 2007 users.
users will need to manually move the mail from the sent items of the main account into the sent items of the second account.
I have had issues figuring ouot similar issues with sent messages when having a user or users
reponsible for reading and sending emails on behalf of others in t he network.  Using both Exchange 2003 and 2007 and also Outlook 2007 as clients.

I found this article that may or may not be helpful but figured i would pass along.  At the end there is discussion on sent emails and what sent folder they end up in.

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