ebay search software- any way to text or email me when an item is found?

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Hi, I would like to be notified when a new buy it now listing is posted, but only if the price is within a specific range.

For example I buy broken cell phones on ebay, one of the models I am looking to buy is the "motorola droid razr phone". I would like to get a text message or something if a new buy it now listing is posted in the category "cell phones and smart phones" , and is priced lower then $50. Any way to do that?

The ebay search that ebay has will search once a day and email me once a day on listings, but hot listings are usually sold within an hour of being posted.


is there a way to do that?
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Yes, you can save your searches
or  add a seller to your account. That's it.
He will notify you as per your request.
Receiving email notifications for saved searches

Had to find a 3rd party app to do it, ebays saved searches only does a search once a day, I need to know ASAP when a new item is posted (within minutes). Only way i could find is with a 3rd party app.


only solution

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