ls running on job scheduler gives a strange character

Iwan Tamimi
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I have a script on RedHat 6.2 Enterprise Linux contains a simple command as "ls -la > output.txt" if I run the script direct from the terminal the result was OK (the script is a ksh script). The problem if I run from the job scheduler (I am using Hitachi JP/1), the output file contained strange character. I am thinking it is because of the color code, but I tried everything with the same result.
I tried the following commands on the script:
unalias ls
ls -la /tmp/ > /tmp/test_ls_la.txt
/bin/ls -la /tmp > /tmp/test_bin_ls.txt
\ls -la /tmp > /tmp/test_bs.txt
/bin/ls -la --color=none /tmp > /tmp/test_ls_nocolor.txt

all the command above give me the same result:
-rw-r--r-- 1 dmoopr produsers 601071  4æ 18 15:05 2012 /dmo03/dmotmp/prod/tmp/M1dmo/L_HWIMS1_201204181410_2571
-rw-r--r-- 1 dmoopr produsers 255743  4æ 18 15:05 2012 /dmo03/dmotmp/prod/tmp/M1dmo/L_HWIMS1_201204181410_2572

As you can see there is 4æ character.  

Anyone knows how to solve it?

Thank you,

Iwan Tamimi
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As far as it's located in the place, where the month usually is, we could suppose, that this  is some strange displaying of the month number.

Could You please change the locale in Your script to check this?

Something like the following:


export LANG=en_US.iso88591
ls -la /tmp/ > /tmp/test_ls_la.txt


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Iwan TamimiSystem Administrator


Thank you very much it solves my problem,


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