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I am having a weird issue, that I haven't come across before.
The security log isn't logging anything.  So I checked the local policy and logging was disabled (auditing).
So I turned it on, checked the security log, it populated, then stopped.
Check the local policy again, it is disabled.
I tried enabling it with group policy, rsop says it is enabled.
When I do gpupdate /force, it enabled it and then disabled it again straight away.

I'm bit lost, not sure where to go from here.
System and Application logs don't mentioned any issues.  I did see a schannel issue in the system log, but couldn't reproduce it again.

I also checked the SCEnoapplylegacyauditpolicy, but it wasn't set.

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Most likely you haven't had ant kind if audit correct? Installed new software that does any kind of manipulation to audit events? If not, this may be a serious issue. How long has this been going on? Are you monitoring incoming/outgoing traffic externally aka locked down router logs, IDS, etc? I also see you have network audit software as a keyword for this. That is why I ask if you have installed auditing software.
Is this behavior evident on only one server, a class of servers (All DCs, for example) or all servers?


Machine had Conficker infection on it.  I am not sure if this was the cause, but it was enough of a reason to do a reinstall.
Thanks for the help.
Sweep all the systems on the network to make sure it's really snuffed out, but good job!

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