Setup links for Sharepoint sites to access like a network share or local folder

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Is there a way to create links to content on Sharepoint 2010 sites and libraries? So users can access files on Sharepoint like Explorer?

To attach several files hosted on Sharepoint to an email, users need to either save the files to desktop or open the library in explorer view.

I would like to be able to just open a new email, click attach and select the path (currently I can do this by typing the URL into the file path, but this will be confusing for users.
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you should be able to use explorer to browse the sharepoint files using the UNC path which could be mapped to a network drive or a shortcut to the folder.

e.g. //sharepointurl/site/documentlibrary

The issue i have been having is with passing the AD authentication through so users get prompted for their passwords.
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Hi, I have found that I can map http://sharepoint url/site on any Win 7 and 2008 R2 OS and it will map like a network drive (actual path reformats to \\sharepoint server hostname\DavWWWroot\site).

Problems is though:
Extreemly slow to navigate this way. Click a folder > wait 10 seconds before the contents appear. It is slowing down the network as everyone is now asking for this path to be mapped.
navigating via the website is still fine.

The mapped location seems to use the local machines disc space as the basis on how much disc space is available on the drive (eg if there is 20GB free on the local machine, that is how much is left on the mapped drive). When copying files across over time the cache will grow and we will need to spend time cleaning out all the time. Shouldn't the space be defined by what is on the Sharepoint or SQL server?

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