How to stop invitations form another user's Outlook 2010 profile.

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I am having issues with a users Outlook 2010 account. She used to have access to another users mailbox but this was removed via the exchange management console on server 2008. Since then she hasnt had many problems.

The issue is she is continually recieving invitations and meeting uin her inbox regarding the other users entries. i thought this would be because of the permissions , I have checked all permissions and they dont seemed to be linked to each other at all, yet she is still recieving these entries?

At the top of the invitation it says recieved for Sally......... Yet she no longer has Sally's mailbox in her Outlook.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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This isnt a permissions issue

It will be a delegate setting

Look at the person she is getting them for
Go to their desk

Open outlook

GO to File, Accoutn Settings, Delegate Access

You should see the user listed here
Remove them as a delegate

issue should go away

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