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saw on the web this company Blanco, it seems quite good.. anyone has experience the software and if it is proven data not able to be recovered after erasing?

dban is another one reviews not bad. is it proven to be data not been able to be recovered after erasing?
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Dban. The gold standard and free.
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Depends on how many erase runs you use and the algorithms. If several done then definitely you are secure.
Yes, Dban is free and reliable. In some companies they do not trust to free tools and purchase erasing tools so in case someone restores the data after erase then they have someone (who made this software) to pay back.
A good tool Disk Wiper with reports after wipe.
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For finding using conventional ways, yes. Forensically? No. It's not guaranteed to wipe your sectors clean as it's not guaranteed to write over the same data you would have intend to save over in the file system.

This leaves parts of files and data untouched as they may be deleted from MFT in Windows as a example. It does not show the file anymore listed there and may still reside on the drive. Further more, formatting the drive as a attempt to destroy or obfuscate All traces by re-writing over every sector with random day, zeroing files, and deleting them makes recovery extremely hard to accomplish and that is what this does.

Main reason being that the way the drive works is it picks random sectors on disk and writes to those sectors and correlates that data back to the operating systems to be referenced as a file system table. The reason they implement multiple passovers is to attempt to write over the missed sectors on the actual disk itself and not the software side.

Even paid tools have this same risk. It's not a pay or not problem. It's by design that it does this and there still is a chance something was left behind. For the most part it will make your data unrecoverable and is a good secure wipe method.
This forum thread is a good read.
There has even been a $100k challenge to recover data from a single pass overwrite. No-one has ever claimed it.

What do you believe could be used to recover data from an overwritten disk?
Rich RumbleSecurity Samurai
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HD's don't work the way they used to, the denser they get the harder they are to recover the data from. Read "further epiluge"
We actually use Microsoft's Cipher.exe that is buil-in to erase drives, we hook them up to a usb to ide/sata cable, and delete any partitions, then run the command:
cipher.exe /w:g:\*
Where g: is the mounted HD, no space between the /w: and the g:. It fills the HD with random data 3 times, and we've never recovered anything from them (and we try on a regular basis anytime someone thinks that their new undlete utility will work)


DBAN is good. after formatting, tried to retrieve the data using some recovery software but not able to.

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