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Example MySQL statement for Wholesale/Retail product details for both the buyer and shipping company

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Trying to create / modify from a template for an about 18 fields!  table to pull into a MYSQL products_table from EXCEL.  Also am trying to plan out the Excel SS so it can handle hundreds of manufactures with many product types.  And also support Retailers who need help with uploading their data to their store fronts. Should each Store have its own Excel page in the Excel file?  Should the many manufacuturers use common product titles for their products and a area below with the manufacturers own title name which may be different from a universal title.  EX:  Product_Desc  vs Product_Des vs Product_About vs Product_Details  so if same type info they would have to under one common title to be uniform to a website database for product_table use in MYSQL

What would really help first is someone has a detailed advancded Excel SS for such product lists that include shipping weights and dim weight, etc.  to show a Buyer, the Vendor and the Shipping Company the data they each need.

And if possible SQL Statements examples that could be starting point template to get the products into the database after their "name normalization".

Thank you in advance!
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In work for a former employer, I ran into this thing but in a different vein. Each customer could upload their own inventory and we just listed it. The imports consisted of CSV files, Excel spreadsheets, ODS files, DBF, files and several other formats that I don't recall.

They could be in any format or configuration, meaning the columns with the data that we wanted could be anywhere. I wrote a column mapping tool for them to "set" their configuration whereby their file, when imported would have the correct data go into the correct column in our DB. If they did not set the configuration, they sent a copy of the file to me and I determined the configuration and set it on their account record.

Essentially, this took their format and "moved" the data around in the arrays that were loaded from each line of the file and then put the data into an array that matched our configuration and then imported it into our DB.

We also allowed the customers to send their files via email, I wrote an IMAP parsing script that extracted the attachments, saved, and then imported them.

It wasn't all that hard to do and I can show you if tat is the functionality you desire. This was all done in PHP.


sounds great.  Do I have run it from intall of LAMP onto my windows box ?
Does it need to be put on the webserver into a php folder.
In other worlds how is run?
I can open MSDOS txt box and familiar with typing commands in there.

What I do have trouble with so far is writing SQL statements and getting them to work I guess that will take time and learning...

I went to a conference last night and the speaker worked in cakephp etc. and I asked him that question and that is what he suggested!  a Mapping method and using the ARRAY to get it to change over to a uniform table names is true it is needed.
Does it import the XML style files just curious since is pretty new. But not really likely would use it.  THANKS!!!!


Just wondering where and how I run it and can programmers modify it needed.
The sources I get?  Online images and text,  emails csv, excel files, txt files, dvds, cds with folder names as part of the name of a column!  So I have to what with a Folder name that is critical To!  Like folder name 42InchKids  with many 42 inch images of ceiling fans
PS how are Images handled in Databases?  Say I put the images into a file named?
then direct the database to go to that file path???
or What  or do I need to go to the backend and find the product and upload the images separately I am guessing that is the way.
Eddie ShipmanAll-around developer

I will do a mockup of how it takes a file and imports it into a table, you can modify it at your pleasure.


how could the mockup become a php file? also?