Facebook Graph API for Group (gathering memebers names)

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Hey all i am trying my best to figure out how to go about getting member's name's and id's from my group on Facebook.

I know the Facebook SDK API to ask for the information:
https://graph.facebook.com/[the group number here]/members?access_token=AAACEdEose0cBAE5Fm57ItCmxJZC0I82txsYJxxxxxxxxxxxxw3SnSXlzXOyYObla6mUI50WsENigJrQLEZCXsq8FNy1VEYFl1jW3awZDZD

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However, getting the information by that way above causes the access token to expire after a few. So therefore, i am unable to hard code it.

I've checked out the PHP example for the SDK but all examples I've seen require to input an app API ID and a secret ID. So i dont have an app-just a group page...

Any help with this would be awesome!!!!


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Manoj PatilSr. Software Engineer

I don't think facebook allow you to get your group members Email addresses. Because of facebook privacy policy.
Facebook says that when user allows the permission to access his profile data then only you will get the Email Address, Name, Birth Date, etc.
So although there are many members in your group, you will not be able to find their email addresses from facebook also, because they are not your Friends on facebook.

So as per my knowledge it is not possible

For more information on Facebook PHP SDK check below

I have found a soluction to this problem. I can simply create a API for anything really and then using that API i can send that taken when asking for members in my group:


That will output a json string with their ids and profile names.



Found a solution.

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