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Does Placing a Running Total on a Crystal Report Cause the Exclusion of Some Records?

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Hello Experts,

I have two versions of the same report.  One version has running totals placed on it, and that version returns a smaller number of records than the other version that does not have those running totals on the report.

Does placing a running total on a report cause the exclusion of any records?

Thank you.
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Not directly.  It would be a matter of which fields are involved in the report.

You can get this situation if you nominally base a report on say two tables which are joined.
If you only select fields from one of the tables, the join is not applied (unless you explicitly enfoce the join) .  So if you have two reports based on the same pair of joined tables, and in one report you only use fields from table1 and in the other you include fields from table1 and any field from table2, you can then end up with quite different results.

So if you were creating a running total from a field in a table not otherwise used in the report, you could see the effect you are describing.
Generally, no.  Adding a running total wouldn't normally have any effect on the number of records.  If the running total uses a field from a table that is not used at all in the other report - Meaning that the other report doesn't include that table, or includes it, but doesn't actually use any fields from that table - then that could affect the number of records returned by the running total report.

 If the running total only uses fields that are used in other places in both reports, then I wouldn't expect it to have any effect on the number of records.

 You could check the datasource and record selection formula for each report and make sure they're the same, and make sure the running total report isn't suppressing some records.

 You could also copy the running total field from one report and paste it into the same section(s) in the other report, and see if the number of records on the other report changes.


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I agree with the above.

Since running totals are printtime formulas, they generally will not affect record selection unless you use them for suppression.  Unless you are using a field that hadn't been on the report before it really shouldn't affect anything.



Thank you.