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Windows 7 XP Mode questions [allow single sign on and disable remote desktop]

Hi Experts,

I was trying to configure the XP-Mode for my environment and I got the following problems:-

The XP-Mode is joined to our domain.

1> whenever the XP-Mode is powered on, it will ask for my user credential even i disabled the integration feature. I don't want to use the save password feature on the setting page because user will need to change their password every month.

2> i notice the remote desktop is enabled and the enable/disable box is gray out, is there any way to disable it?

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Could this be perhaps the mode you are in, ie. enhanced, basic, or vam modes? Since all but basic mode uses the RDP protocol this would be the reason that you cannot disable RDP, because you are using a mode that requires its use.
Distinguished Expert 2019
XP mode requires remote desktop that is how you connect with it.


yes, it seems i cannot disable remote desktop.

how about single sign-on?
Distinguished Expert 2019
It is a separate operating system and without integration tools so it knows nothing about the system that is trying to remote desktop into it.