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I have successfully "attached" data() to each tr table row in my table.  I know it is there as I can see it in Firebug using Firequery.  I can also successfully query the tr data, as follows:

var $theRows = $('#tsTable tbody tr').filter(function() {return $(this).data('ocB')!='0.00' });

This filters down the tr rows to only those with attached data('ocB') which are not zero value.
In the the 3rd td of each row there is a <ul = class"oc" /> tag.
I can successfully insert text into each of the ul tags in each 3rd td of each of the filtered rows by using:

$theRows.find('.oc').text('my inserted text');

However, what I really want to do (and this is my problem) is to insert the value of the data('ocB') attached to each row into each ul tag [instead of 'my inserted text'].  I tried to do this with:

but this does not produce anything.  

Can anyone help me solve my problem?
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The context doesn't change. If you can check the value with


then you can read it the same way:


That might not work though because you've shown us very little of your code. By the way, you shouldn't add text directly to a <ul> element. You should put the text in an <li> element inside the <ul> element..


I did not make it easy by giving very little of my code, but your comments have lead me to a successful solution, so I am happy to give you the points.
The data('ocB') is attached to each tr inside which there are several tds with one td having inside it a ul (and now also a li !) of class 'oc'.
I got things to work by modifying the syntax slightly to:

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