Windows XP workstations cannot map UNIX shares

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Situation: Environment is Windows 2003 SBS. Domain in Windows environment is contoso.local. SCO Unix server is in this environment. It is named User workstations are XP Pro but are not joined to the Domain. Instead they are all in workgroup. All workstations use a mapped drive on the UNIX host. When XP workstations are joined to the domain to simplify life and administration, no longer can they map the UNIX share and access the files. The mapping works but they cannot open the share. The error is "Access is Denied"
If I invoke root and it's password (which I use to login to unix) i says permission denied.

If I ftp to the UNIX host using the root account (yea, I know that's not the right idea) and the password, I can ftp files all day long.

Any thoughts on how to aaddress this?  i really need the mapped drives.
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Is your Unix using samba to share ??? install samba on your unix.
Or it is stopped . Pls double check your unix.


Never mind. There is no Samba installed. This is an old version of VisionFS which was before samba. They have to install samba. Sorry.

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