how to remove password requirement on Win7

Gareth McKee
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hi all,

I recently added a password to a local account on my win7ulitmate machine.

It has run for quite a while without a need for a password for this account. I do not want a password on this account. How can I removed the need for the password?

Resetting the password (logged on as another user) to 'blank' doesnt seem to work.

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I believe what you are looking for is at:
Control Panel > User Accounts & Family Safety > User Accounts

Right under "Change your password" should be an option for "Remove your password"

That should take care of it.

If you are wanting to know how to remove the requirement of a password when booting, follow the instructions in this post/article:  Log On Automatically at Startup.

Good luck,
Go to Control Panel -> Administrative tools -> Local Security Policy -> Account Policies -> Password Policy, Click 'Minimum Password Length' and set it to '0'.

This is if you want the password to be Blank.
You can also go to Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Click 'Manage User Account' - Click Advanced - Uncheck 'Require User to press ctrl + alt + delete'

Having a password is good for security. It also allows certain remote desktop applications to work properly and some networking components to work at all. So what I do on my workstation is use AutoLogon, which will autofill your password without you even noticing it. Once you run it and enter your credentials, it will always log you in automatically, making it seem exactly as if you had no password but still providing some of the benefits of a Windows password, such as remote interaction restriction and availability.

Here's the download link:
You can have a password and still not have to enter it at logon if you prefer.

Open a Command Prompt window and run
control userpasswords2

UNcheck the box next to
Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer.

The logged on user should get selected automatically at this point.
Click Apply and you'll be prompted to enter and confirm your password.
Once you've done that and OK out of the UserPasswords2 dialog, at startup the most you should have to do is click on your user icon at the logon page.

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