XLSM file will corrupt on inserting shape object

Rayne used Ask the Experts™
Hello All,

I am facing a issue working with xlsm. I was to simply insert a shape object to format the checkboxes into groups. Unfortunately, whenever I add the shape object and then close and save the xlsm file, the next time I open it I get this error:
The file has unreadable content..do you want to recover?
I hit yes and the prompt stays every time I open the file and asks me to recover....
This is Exactly identical to this issue mentioned here >>

Will I be not at all be able to add the shape object?

Please assist

thank you
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Another thing I found out: First I removed the object from the workbook, saved it as xls format and then inserted the object and saved the file. When i opened the xls - it would not cry out any error as compared to the previous time.
Now I converted that xls file back to xlsm macro enabled file - and it still throws same the prompt...as before
My workbook has a lot of macro running so I had save it as a xlsm..


Further if I have to live with this limitation - is there a way to auto-recover every time the xlsm opens?
something I came across below - but its not working


is there a way to auto-recover every time the xlsm opens? with the user not have to do the clicks for that..the previous soultion link takes into accountthe file path - that will not work as this xlsm will be passed on to several people who would use it
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Hi, Rayne.

It sounds like the file has some underlying corruption - adding the shape simply triggers the error.

Could you post a copy some files, please...
(1) The file before you add the shape. (This doesn't have an error, correct?)
(2) The file after the shape has been added (which gives an error when opened).
(3) The macro,


You could also try renaming the file as a .zip and seeing if you can look into the XML and figure out where the problem is yourself.  



Thank you Guys for the suggestions, greatly appreciated :)
Thanks, Rayne.

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