Outlook 2010 reminders sent out after restore

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We had a restore situation here where a user got her calendar restored (only changes) because of some missing entries. Former deleted calendar entries sent out reminders after the restore and that caused a lot of confusion among the users. Is there a way to avoid this?
I can't seem to find anything on the backup software side, so maybe it's on the exchange or outlook side?


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Email folders (in Outlook/Exchange) contain a lot of items and information that you cannot see (check out OutlookSpy).  When you restore a folder (Calendar) meeting requests and reminders are set back to the way they were.  This includes whether they were previously dismissed or not.  Restoring the folder could cause a lot of reminders to be seen again.

Maybe this is what you saw?

What do you mean by "Sent out reminders"?  Was an email sent by the calendar entry? I have not heard of that before.  When a calendar item is edited a message is sent out that the entry has been updated though.  This may have been what they saw, because, yes, it was changed back to the way it was by a restore.
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To avoid in future, check that Sp1 is installed

There are kown issues in 2010 where reminders are not removed

On restore, i would also open outlook for the user using
start>run>outlook.exe /cleanreminders


Hi and thank you for the answers.

UnConn, I will try to explain a bit more. What I mean by that is that reminders of meetings in the past was sent to users who were to attend these meetings. The user that got the calendar restored had previously deleted these meetings from the calendar. I was wondering if there is a way to not send out reminders about meetings in the past after such a restore?

Hope I made myself understood a bit more... :-)
I will simplify.

You restored the calendar to the way it was,  it will do what it is supposed to do.  It does not know which it should send and which it should not.

My answer is No.  There is no way to reset the reminders so that ones sent are not sent again.

 /cleanreminders is a good one for calendars that are not having reminders dismissed that have been dismissed, but I do not think it knows what has been sent already during a restore.

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