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I want to know when should we run reorg rebuild on a database or a table.
If i have run the reorg rebuild 3-4 months back and running update index stats regularly, when should i run reorg now.
What parameter will tell me when is the time to run reorg rebuild ? Please provide details.
How optdiag can be useful here ?
Thanks Deepak
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1. "optdiag statistice" can help you get the clustered ratio for table data rows and indexes, and 1.00 is the highest values which means table/index performance is very good. When ratio is lower than 0.8, you should maintain your tables/indexes.
2. "update index stats" only refresh the statistice data in optimize instead of collecting garbage data/space from table/index. So, reorg rebuild is necessary  when table/index performance is poor. BTW, "update index stats" is also important because it can tell the optimize to use the proper query plan.
3. You can also try drop/recreate indexes to maintain tables especially for the tables have clustered indexes, this can reclaim much space when a table has low data/index clustered ratio. Also remember run "update index stats" after indexes recreating.

You can use derived_stat function to determine whether you need it or not. Check that question and discussion:



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