Can Terminal Server 2008 and 2003 use the same profiles

Barry Kay
Barry Kay used Ask the Experts™
We currently have a Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server that our users connect to.
We have also setup a new windows Server 2008 Terminal server.

Currently if I try login with an existing 2003 TS user account onto the 2008 TS server it just creates a new profile and does not use the users current saved TS profile as per their AD account.

Is there a way for users to be able to log into both terminal servers and use the same TS profile that is assigned in their AD user account?
If so, how can I go about doing this?
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Lead Technical Architect
I'm afraid not - the 2008 boxes will automatically create the v2 folders at first login and then automatically use the 2003 or 2008 profile path as required.

There are third party solutions for this though, such as from AppSense.
Yes , you can set using AD prolicy of 2008

OR u can set the roaming terminal profile at the correpsonding every user a/c and share all.

But it 's better set on policy side.
Tony JohncockLead Technical Architect

Perhaps I have missed something but neither of those links you provided do what the OP was asking for.

They want to know if a _single_ profile can be shared between 2003 & 2008 terminal servers/RDS servers and the plain answer is no.

2008 RDS onwards creates a V2 share for each user profile. From that point onwards, the Terminal Server/RDS server the user logs into autodetects (well, 2008 does - 2003 just uses the standard path) whether it's a 2003 or 2008 server and redirects the profile to the correct profile path.

So to summarise - you can create the group policies to point to the user profile path and when they user first logs in from a 2003 server, it will create the new profile and write it back up to the share. Normal stuff.

However, when the same user logs into a 2008 server, it'll write back to the same profile path but create a new profile folder ending in V2.

From that point onwards, logging onto a 2003 server will use the original profile path and logging onto a 2008 server will use the V2 path.
Spike99On-Site IT Technician

Tony1044 is correct: you cannot use the same profile folder for both 2003 & 2008. 2008 simply won't do it. Any profile path you specify with be appended with ".V2" for the 2008 profiles.
Tony JohncockLead Technical Architect

Thanks for the points, but may I ask why only a 'B' grade?

I gave an accurate answer to a direct question.

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