VPN Dropping out Every 5 minutes on the dot

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I've connected 2 routers via VPN Tunneling using IPSec but i have a few problems in that the VPN drops out every 5 minutes on the dot and automatically restarts again what could be the problem here, also might i add that the routers are not the same, one is a draytec and the other is a netgear.
My other problem is that although the VPN is working for that 5 minutes when i connect a laptop to the off site office nothing will connect to the main server via this VPN route.

I've set tunneling up many with no problem although i use the same routers, but this time i've set it up using what they had and the problems are to refresh:

1) The VPN drops out every 5 minutes
2) Nothing only the IP phone will connect to the main office server i.e.
     a) Exchange
     b) Mapped locations

Also i'am able to ping to devices at both locations
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Check your VPN policies for lifetime, i.e. whether the setting is the same on both ends, and as far as allowed traffic, check your ACLs if you permitted the traffic through the tunnel.
We ended up buying new routers which solved the problem but thanks to all anyway


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