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When connecting three disk shelfs say DS2246, I'm thinking of creating two stacks so one shelf is reserved for backups. Would it be better to do all one stack instead?

My reasoning is not to mix production data with backup data hence the seperate stack for backups. I believe this stack will not participate in the I/O of the production stack.

I ask because from my reading, stacks are created when you have different shelf types or different disk speeds. But didn't mention my particular situation.

Please let me know if I am correct or should just make everything into one stack.

Thanks again EE
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There's a difference between the physical connections (the 'stack') and the logical use (the 'aggregate').

There's no reason to put the shelves in different stacks, because you're unlikely to saturate the SAS links. Unless you've got lots of spare SAS ports on your controller.

You should keep the drives in the shelves logically separated by putting them into different aggregates. So use a different aggregate for your backup data.
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The one piece I would recommend is if you have two controllers put the vol0 on different shelves if you're going to another aggregate on a differnt shelf.  If it's a small install then it's not a big deal and will allow you to save 3 drives if you only have two aggregates versus 3 (one for each controller and one for the shelf).


Ah that's right, aggr seperate your disks into a raid and combine I/O into that Aggr. So stacks are mainly for different shelf types and drive speeds.

Yes I already planed on AggrA on controllerA and AggrB on controllerB on my 3240 Dual Head. AggrA will contain two DS2246 disk shelfs and AggrB will be just backups. So the hookups for a single stack will be really easy. That's a plus

Paul, I'm a little confused about vol0 you mentioned but I'll write another post once I get all this equipment and hook it up.

Also, I may want to recreate the aggr0 to 64bit unless someone thinks this is a waste of time. I am using Ontap 8.0.2
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What I typically do is divy up the aggregate for each controller on a separate shelf if doing the lower end models or if aggregates are configured per shelf.  This avoids creating two aggregates that contain vol 0 for each controller on the same shelf since you lose 3 drives straight away

Are you still overseas?


Yes, doing another site in AFG with FCoE but with extra disks shelfs similiar to our larger sites. So i'm incorporation small and large site configurations into eachother slightly. Nothing really changes when adding extra disk shelfs.

Thanks again

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