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Mohamed Abowarda
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I have a huge sphere made in 3Ds max, I am trying to display it in DirectX (using C++), however I tried to set the texture in 3Ds to "2-Sided" so the sky texture appear inside the sphere as well but text texture doesn't appear inside the sphere in DirectX.

How can I make the sphere texture appear inside the sphere as well (2-Sided) so I get a skydome?
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Hello Medo3337,

Not much time to answer questions at the moment, didn't get back to your last question, but it seems you got there in the end.

The problem in this case is Direct X doesn't have double sided materials in the same sense as 3D Studio Max.  There are two solutions for this -

Firstly, in Max you can reverse the sphere so that it is inside out.  To do this it has to be converted to an editable mesh.  Then you use the flip tool in the Surface part of the modifier.  This makes it so that you see the sphere from inside, even if it uses a single sided material.

Second option is to turn off culling in D3D when rendering the sphere.  Something like Device.SetRenderState (D3D_CULLMODE, D3DCULL_NONE).  Normally cull mode is set to D3DCULL_CCW.  Set it back after drawing the sky or it slows down the rendering.

This is a problem with backface culling as described here.
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