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I have 2 domain controllers and want to take a bad one down for maintenance. In Exchange Management Console I set the good domain controller as the configuration controller. But when I take down the bad DC, Exchange stops working (clients mailboxes freeze and the EMC says it can't find the domain).

I can find only one reference to the bad DC in the EMC. That is when I select "Server Configuration", then select the exchange server then click "Properties", then display the "System Settings" tab. In this tab it shows the domain controllers and catalog servers being used by Exchange. In both boxes are listed only the bad DC. But this list is not editable.

Where can I go to change the setting for domain controllers and catalog servers being used by Exchange?

Once I find where to edit this list, can I put both DCs in there so that exchange can use either one if the other is down?
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are both the domain controllers also global catalog servers. Ensure that the Exchange server is in the same site (AD site) as the two domain controllers.
which server holds the FSMO roles the good one or the one with the problem. one way of forcing Exchange to use a specific DC is to right click the servers/ organization in EMC and click change configuration DC.

I would not recomend the above if the Good Dc is not visible to Exchange.
you could run nltest /dsgetdc on the Exchange and find out whether all domain controllers are getting listed


OK, that gave me some clues. nltest told me the bad DC held all the roles but I know I had tranfered them all to the good DC in preparation to work on the bad one. It seems the good one is "not available".

OK, so I have to explain what I called the good DC is actuially the bad one, it is failing. I need to take down the other one in order to prep it to take over all the roles of failing one. I was hoping the failing one would last long enough do do a gracefull tranfer. I guess not. So I went a head and siezed the roles from the failing DC and I'll just have to work at night when no one is on the system
Kini pradeepDevelopment Manager

aah? seizing is a last resort. If you have seized the roles then the server from where the roles were seized need to be removed, else there would be a conflict.

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