Exchange log files and backup

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i have a server 2008 with exchange 2007 that i have taken over support for.

it looks as if exchange has not been backed up and the only backup program is the default server 2008 one.

can i use this to backup exchange?

also there is a massive amount of exchange logs built up in this directory (280gb):

D:\program files\microsoft\exchange server\mailbox\first storage group

i imagine these will be cleared after a backup but until i sort that out is it safe to copy these to another drive with more space or delete them?

thank you for any help
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Kini pradeepDevelopment Manager

yes the windows backup can be used to backup the Exchange DB and log files.

The log files will get purged on successful full backup

and It is not advisable just to move the files.
using EMC you will have to dismount the Database and then copy the log files to a different drive and also change the log file path in Exchange

You can dismount database and run below command to check database state

Eseutil /mh "Path of database"

If database state is clean means all logs are replayed to database and you can safely delete the logs.



thank you for your help

one last question

in EMC how would i change the log file path?
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Kini pradeepDevelopment Manager



sorry one other thing regarding the backup but just want to make sure i am doing it right.

first of all should i dismount the database before i run the backup?

then is this the order of events:

- select backup once
- on backup options select different options
- select backupconfiguration
- select custom

at this point would i just select the folder?:

D:\program files\microsoft\exchange server

as it contains the database and log files

- specify destination
- select inherit
- select full vss backup (what is this?)
- then confirm to start the backup

thank you
Development Manager
The Database should be in a mounted state when running the backup.
the above link will help with the Bakup of the Exchange Databases. after a full backup the log files that have been already replayed (checkpoint) will be deleted .

only follow the link below, if you want to move the database / log files to a different location.

Vss is the volume shadow copy services that all backup softwares use to backup the databases when online.


thank you

just to confirm would just backing up this folder which contains database and logs be correct as i do not wish to backup the whole server at this time (as OS is on another drive).

D:\program files\microsoft\exchange server
Kini pradeepDevelopment Manager

I believe you would have to select the volume that hosts the Exchange storage group data.
Not sure on this, but I believe that the Windows Backup will only allow backup of volumes and not specific directories. (I could be wrong)
we Haven't used the Windows backup since windows 2008 was released, Ntbackup was much more friendly. But I guess MS also has to sell DPM :)

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