Sage Accounts 50 – 2010 backup

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Sage Accounts 50 – 2010 Auto backup
Does any have any good ideas for auto backing up sage+error checking?
I can easy auto backup the sage data files using backupexec. However I can’t find a way to auto backup from within sage, I would prefer to auto backup from within sage as it also does the error checking. Which you can do through backupexec
Any suggestion greatly appreciated!!!
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This is something I have wanted for some time.  Unfortunately Sage Line 50 (even 2012 version) has no way to programatically run the backup routine.  Personally I wasn't even looking for the check data - I just wanted to get rid of the "you haven't back up" message you get.

I haven't even seen any add-ons that can do this, so for now we are stuck with manual backups.  I suggest you ask Sage to add it to the wish list and they may do something to support it in the future.


Bruce DenneySage 50 Consultant and Integrator


There is a product that will allow you to do automated off site sage 50 backup.

I am testing it now.
Over the past 2 years we've worked with Sage R&D and customer services directly on our Accounting Shield product, including an automatic validation routine.  We did succeed in automating the validation routine along with the backup but it was complicated due to Sage using custom controls and having to iterate through the validation steps systematically.  In controlled environments this worked flawlessly, but we found that the various Sage configuration possibilities made automating the validation routine not very user friendly.  After much time and effort working with Sage on this, we decided together that the best approach would be to focus on the backup aspect and continue manual validation checks.  The result is a unique backup solution for Sage Accounts called Accounting Shield (

In the end, there isn't a better solution than Accounting Shield for ensuring you have a solid backup of your Sage Accounts data.  Definitely continue running data checks regularly, but make sure you use Accounting Shield to backup your data.  Our product will get rid of the "you haven't back up" message you asked.  It also gives you the ability to easily share data with your accountant and support, quickly restore your data (as opposed to having nothing to restore at all), schedule automatic backups and proactive notifications.  Another advantage is that you don't have to exit Sage to make a backup and we'll also iterate through multiple companies - so if you have 5 companies in your Sage Accounts program, we'll back up all 5 automatically.  The product will pay for itself just with the time you save doing backups.

For more information visit
Bruce DenneySage 50 Consultant and Integrator

Please note that whilst Accounting Shield is pretty good, it does not CHECK DATA so is not a TOTAL solution.
Thanks again Bruce for the kind words, we're very proud of the product and the positive feedback we're getting from our users and the Sage community.  We also encourage our users to run the validation routine manually outside of the Accounting Shield program, as stated here    It should indeed be part of the regular maintenance for Sage Accounts administration and an important part in keeping your data healthy.  

Also, having Accounting Shield can make life a lot easier in the event your check data routine returns an error.  In our R&D with Sage, we discovered that their Customer Service department spends over 60 minutes per customer trying to explain how to make a backup, how to attach it to an email, then how to burn it to disk or copy to USB if the backup is too big for an email attachment, where to mail the CD to ... etc.   Imagine how easy it would be if the check data returned an error and you could send your backup file to a professional and highly qualified Sage data repair expert like Making I.T. Happen with the click of a button.  Even if the data is so damaged that it cannot be repaired, going back to a previous backup with Accounting Shield is also as easy as clicking a button.  In either case, this could be the difference between catastrophic damage to your company, or being able to get your data back and keep your business running.

We've seen the suffering of so many users who don't have a backup, and they all say one thing (besides cursing the day they decided not to take backups), "... even if the backup has corruption we'd be happy just to have our data back".  Accounting Shield can take away the worst part of all this, which is having to sit around while the backup runs and manually iterate through all your companies.  If you let Accounting Shield do all that for you you'll have more time to manage the health of your data and your overall experience with Sage Accounts will be more pleasant.  If you combine Accounting Shield with the services of a qualified Sage business partner looking after you, you'll definitely be able to sleep better at night!
Bruce DenneySage 50 Consultant and Integrator

I think that the advice to "check data" is a little obscure.

Checking data is a VITAL part of the process, without it, a user could backup data that is useless without knowing it.
Indeed the check data part is a vital, but it isn't the be-all-end-all in protecting your Sage data.  Data corruption that the check data routine catches is one of dozens of threats to your Sage Accounts data.   We've seen numerous businesses with perfectly clean data go down because someone stole the PC that contained their Sage Accounts data and they didn't have a backup.  We have numerous clients with perfectly clean data who switched to Accounting Shield after getting in trouble because their hard drive failed or got a virus and they had no backups.  We have several clients who started using Accounting Shield because they had clean data but were making manual backups on tape and couldn't extract the data from the tape for 3 days!  Only after an expensive consultant visit were they able to get up and running again.  We've also spoken to current clients who used to make backups to USB sticks but then lost the device and ran into trouble.  Basically, there is a lot more that threatens your Sage data than what the validation routine will cover.
We've also seen a majority of cases where clients have data corruption and the recommended course of action from Sage themselves or the business partner is to "try to restore from yesterday's backup and re-process", which is always quicker and way less expensive than sending the data for repair and being down while waiting for it to be fixed (if it can be fixed at all).  What if yesterday's data had corruption also?  No problem with Accounting Shield, just restore the backup from 2 days ago ... if all the data has corruption?  Then if it needs to be sent off for repair you have it backed up with Accounting Shield and can send it with the click of a button instead of wasting hours trying to find a previous backup (if you even have one) and burn it to disk ... also seen some cases where the corruption was so bad the Sage Accounts program couldn't be opened to even make a backup!  This left the user to zip and burn the 265 or so files and send off, not a pretty sight or a happy Sage user!  

But all this this isn't to downplay the importance of running the validation, it is indeed vital and very important as part of keeping your data healthy.  BUT ... we're in a situation where most Sage users aren't running validation OR a backup because it's really a pain, and if simply telling users to do it would actually make them do it then there would be far less problems, but backups is one of those things in life you know you should be doing but honest don't very often.  Backups and validation is not on the forefront of user's minds, they're more concerned with running their businesses and only think about backup when a problem occurs.  This is where Accounting Shield comes it, by making automatic backups of Sage data.  This is far, far better than having nothing at all to go back to - and far, far better than having clean data but not safe place to store it in case a disaster (outside corruption from the Sage program).  Actually, the validation routine is the easy part - nothing to store or create or manage like there is when you make a backup.  The backup part of the process is the difficult part, because you have to make a backup file, store it somewhere, manage it ... and then you have to do this manually for each company in your Sage Accounts program.   Accounting Shield does all this work for you, so you have more time free for maintaining the health of your data and your business.

To protect yourself against all the threats out there - especially those unrelated to validation - use Accounting Shield.  As a best practice, follow the Sage recommended guidelines and check your data regularly and make sure it's backed up with Accounting Shield so you can share and restore that data if it's ever needed.

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