sql2005 , Understands xact_seqno in replication

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In replication of sql2005, there is column xact_seqno 0x00042B7F00038BF70017000000000000

Can this means xact_seqno have one transaction equal to  0x00042B7F00038BF70017000000000000 or it can have multiple same values which means multiple transactions
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Since xact_seqno contains the log sequence number (LSN) for each failed transaction, it will always be unique and will refer to one transaction.


So, In one transaction that cab  be many commands ? am I rite ?, the reasons why I ask because I can see multiple xact_seqno which my assumption its represent a commands within a transactions.
Yes, your assumption is correct.

To get further details on that particular xact_seqno go ahead & check sp_browsereplcmds for that xact_seqno and you will be able to see the multiple commands for the particular transaction.

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