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Installed SugarCRM on ESXi host of VM centos6.2 with 8GB of memory and CPUs 4 , virtual sockets 2 and cores per socket 2.

sugarcrm version=  SugarCE-6.4.3

Iam observing slow on query opertions when navigate on the features and click on it reterival takes some time which was not like this when installed and tested on ubuntu 10.4 even with data on it but in the centos only little data is kep still it takes some time to reterive the data and display.

also tried increasing memory_limit=512mb in the /etc/php.ini

still there is slow, can anybody please help me to fix this. Thanks in advance.
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Thanks for the reply, can you please suggest which database engine is recommended for the mysql server to work with sugarcrm
is it recommended to go for:  innodb

please help, thanks in advance.
If you are using transaction then use innodb otherwise I would suggest to go with myisam.

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