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I have a server that has sql 2005 installed. I am going to install an instance of 2008 on it how can i tell if the server has enough capacity (memory, cpu, io) to do this?

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SQL 2008 tells you what is the requirement of sql 2008. Now depending that whether you want to use both (SQL 2K5 & SQL 2K8) sql simultaneously, you need to check the usage of current sql and then can identify, if sql 2k8 can also be run or not.
You can check the minimum Hardware requirements for installing and running SQL Server 2008 from the following link:

Accordingly, if you know how much RAM(memory) and CPU you have in the machine and subtract the Memory allocation you have done in the SQL Server properties of the SQL Server 2005, you will get the available memory. Then you can compare with the recommendation and know if you are okay with respects to the hardware requirements for the SQL Server 2008 installation.

If you can give the following values here, I can calculate it for you.

Total Memory in machine:
Total CPU in the machine:

From SQL Server 2005 Properties, Max SQL Server Memory:......
Performance monitor can give you and idea of Average usage of cpu, memory , io.
also the sql performance counters

How much memory is on server in use for that 2005 instance, so see how much you need for that 2008. Decreasing memory for 2005 instance will decrease performance (less cache). Note that sql does not release memory.

And it's good to know the value's now and on regular basis so you can see where your system is going to.... or is impacted by a changes (new database, growth of data, index maintenance) or new software as here a new sql instance.

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